Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shinsengumi: Eternal Truth Character Profiles

Edits done at: July 1st, 2009. -Jikokuten imaged change. Yamaguchi Aiko imaged change.

All Pictures from Taishakuten, The Four Gods and Four Kings where made by CG Artists on the web. Aiko from Yuu Watase. I do not own any of these pictures, they are just what I want for a look for the characters.

Yamaguchi Aiko

Age: 15

Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Golden
Family: Unknown

Occupation: Unknown.
Weapon: Fans with sharp edges


Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Pink
Eye Color: Golden, but when fighting her eyes change to pinkish wh
ite glow.
Facial Marks: Has a sword scar on her left side from the hairline
to the jaw. The eye is no longer usable.
Also has a circle dot on her forehead with a 'U' Shaped line u
nder it, then going down her right eye.
Occupation: Guardian of the South

Weapon: Katana called the Sword of Death.


Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Green
Weapon: Scathe
Occupation: Guardian of the East


Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Sapphire Blue
Eye Color: Blue
Weapon: Bow staff.
Occupation: Guardian of the West. Healer


Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Blown
Eye Color: Brown
Weapon: Magic. Both Holy and Demonic.
Occupation: Guardian of the North.


Age: Unknown
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Gold
Family: Hoshi (Daughter)
Weapon: Sword of Life (The sword was believed to be destroyed)
Occupation: Ruler of Tenkai
Powers: Can freeze objects, move at great speed. Has power of the 4 elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water.
Weakness: Unknown for now.
Represents: Sun. Creator. Ruled by the Sun.

Jikokuten - Four King - East
Represents: East King. Jikokuten.
Weapon: Wind Bending

Zouchoten - Four King - South
Represents: South King. Zouchoten.
Weapon: Fire Bending

Koumokuten - Four King - West
Represents: West King. Komokuten.
Weapon: Earth Bending

Bishamonten - Four King - North
Represents: North King.
Weapon: Water Bending.

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