Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Only Once..

A Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Fan Fiction

To every hero story, there is a team that works together to fight off evil. And to every hero story, there is one so powerful, it could decide the fate of the war. A young girl named Yuki has no memories of her past. With skills in martial arts and an odd regenerative capability, she begins searching for the Shinkengers, not expecting her destiny and her past to come back so soon.

Shiba Takeru

Occupation: Shinken Red, Shinkenger Leader, The Lord.
Shiba Takeru, the Samurai of Fire, is the Eighteenth head of the Shiba line and descendant of a line of feudal lords.

Ikenami Ryuunosuke
Occupation: Shinken Blue, Vassal, Kabuki Actor.
Ikenami Ryunnosuke, the Samurai of Water, dreamt of becoming a kabuki actor despite his destiny of being a samurai. He takes his role as the vassal or protector of Takeru very seriously and hero-worships Takeru.

Shiraishi Mako

Occupation: Shinken Pink, Vassal.
Shiraishi Mako, The Shinkenger of Sky, formerly worked at a Kindergarten, she is extremely talented in calligraphy and she fights for her ideals. She already had her Origami, the turtle before being given her Shodo Phone by Takeru.

Tani Chiaki

Occupation: Shinken Green, Vassal.
Tani Chiaki, the Samurai of wood, had no interest of becoming Takeru's vassal (protector) and often clashes with anyone who opposes him. Chiaki abandoned his training early and is thus the weakest of the group, he makes it up with his surprise attack strategies.

Hanaori Kotoha
Occupation: Shinken Yellow, Vassal
Hanaori Kotoha is a sweet and careful girl and the Samuari of Earth. She worked in a Bamboo shop and is skilled in martial arts. She became assigned as Takeru's vassal when her older sister fell ill.

Unemori Genta

Occupation: Shinken Gold, Sushi Maker
Genta Umemori is a childhood friend of Takeru who meddled in his training, much to the dismay of Hikoma.

Occupation: Shinken Spirit
Yuki has no memories of her former life. Skillful in Martial Arts with an odd power of regenerative capabilities.
Yuki is stong in her beliefs, even though she remembers nothing. She has been searching for the Shinkenger's since she transformed into Shinken Spirit when faced with a monster. She defeated it, using her Chakram.

Shinken Spirit's Shiroi Chakram.

All info on ShinkenRed, ShinkenBlue, ShinkenPink, ShinkenGreen, and ShinkenYellow with ShinkenGold and their pictures were taken from Super Sentai. www.supersentai.com

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Gift - small scene.

Author's note: The events in this chapter are all completely true except for the fact of Kat-tun being there. I ended up blacking out at Chapters along Macleod Tr in Calgary yesterday. So I decided to make it into a scene for The Gift. Enjoy!

I had decided to meet up with Justin to grab tickets for the up coming St. Patrick's day show on the 17th. Driving up to Sait took me an hour. The roads were covered in snow and bad to drive on. The ice was thick under the blanket and motorists were going no more than 50 KM down 90th ave and 14th street, both jammed with traffic. Sick of the radio stations, I turned it off, and unwinded my Ipod headphones. Being stuck in traffic gave me a chance to make a tiny play list consisting of Miyavi and Gackt. Miyavi's Oresama Shikou was the first to come on. Bobbing my head, I sang along with what I could understand.
Finally I got onto 16th Ave and made it to Sait. I was early, about a half hour early but it didn't bother me. I said 10 so I took the time to try to write down some things. 10 came and I went to the Highwood to call Justin considering I didn't have a cell phone. I used the Curtesy phone. The lady gave me a strange look when I looked at my hand for the number. With the way I was dressed maybe I looked like a druggy? Nah.
Justin didn't pick up so I left a message telling him where I was and that I would wait for a half hour. If he didn't come, I understood. He was at school.
Thanking the lady, I walked back to my car, pulling the hoodie over my head. It was fucking cold outside, the wind piercing at my skin on the other side of the fabric. 2 shirts and a hoodie didn't cut it.
Slamming the car door shut I started the car right away, putting it from first into neutral so I could write while I waited. He never came, and I shrugged my shoulders. "Next Time for sure!"
The Drive back to my House in the south took a little longer. Traffic was heavy going back, and it took longer. I had a lunch date with some co-workers and I was going to be late. Neither of them picked up their phones so I said fuck it. They were not going to come. I decided to go look for some books that I wanted. Myths & Legends oj Japan and Etiquitte Guide to Japan. Chapters was the closest, so I drove there.
The drive was slow, as usual for Calgary roads. The climate was changing, the snow coming more often. I continued to listen to the short playlist I made, the radio not playing anything good.
Finally parking at the Chapters, I double checked to see if I had the gift card and membership card. I had them, and got out of the car. My body twitched, which was nothing unusual but bothered me anyways. It was quiet when I stepped in.
First thing was first. I looked for the two books I wanted with no luck. Checking the computer beside the Manga section proved to be unawarding. Every location was sold out. Damn.
The Manga section was the next stop. I looked for Bleach, Vampire Knight and Parasyte. Nothing that I already had was there.
I went everywhere in the store, walking from end to end many times. I continuously walked past a man who worked there. With how I was walking, I probably seemed to be following him. Creepy.
Midway through, I saw the Astronomy section and looked there. There was many books on planets, stars, and constellations. What got me was the book that had all of it in one, that was a price of $27 bucks. It was heavy too. I adjusted the collar of my hoodie, feeling hot.
Ueda had come up behind me, covering my eyes with his hands. I jumped, not knowing it was him until he spoke.
"Hey Serena. What are you doing here? I thought you had a lunch date." Removing his hands, I finally saw him, and gave him a slap on the arm. "Ueda-san! You scared me! Yes.. I did have a lunch date but I tried to call them to tell them I would be late but they never picked up."
Ueda slipped the sunglasses down his nose. "Naruhodo, So ka. Gomen nasai Neko-chan."
"Daijobou Ueda-san."
I noticed that he had a couple of books ranging from history to Manga. Looks like he found some good ones.
"Oi, Neko-chan, Ogenki desu ka?" Ueda could see the shakes from her, and it worried him. She was also more pale than normal.
"Hai! Honto ni daijobou kai!" I didn't want to tell him. I was already paranoid as hell that he would see it. "Ah! Gomen Ueda-san. I have a meeting to go to. I better go pay for this right now." I didn't let him respond, and just hurridly made my way to the front. Ueda stood behind, just watching my back.
There was three clerks and 4 people ahead of me. I knew it wouldn't take long. The little girl with her Mother was in front, and she kept looking back at me while I skimmed through the book. I looked up, and gave her a small smile before her mother led her to the clerk in front of her. Closing the book, my shakes didn't get any better. I could feel my head pounding in my chest. The clerk called me up, then everything went black.

It was like a dream when I opened my eyes. The pixilation and the blurryness. My first thought was that I was at home dreaming. When I saw the tall far away roof and the night hanging down on the left, my second thought was 'where?'
Ueda was shaking me the whole time. It took me at least 10 second to realize it was him. Then the pain in the back of my head hit me like a brink to the face. the nausea following. I rolled over on my side, my hands holding my head. Tears fell from the pain, and they didn't stop. Ueda continued to call my name over and over. I didn't respond back, the pain too much. I could hear the Chapter's ladies on the phone with the parimedics. They were asking me questions that Ueda responded too concidering the fact I could barely talk loud enough. What seemed like 30 seconds was actually a minute and a half until the Paramedics arrived. Ueda was holding my hand even when they pushed him to the side.
"Did you hit your head?" the small muscular paremedic with glasses and short spikey hair pulled out his equipment and began to check my bloodpressure and pulse.
"Ya..." I squeezed Ueda's hand, and looked up at him. "Please..don't tell Darcy..Ueda-kun"

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Inner City Elegance Pictures Only Feb 27th 2009

Bruno SMASH!

Justin: Hmmmm.....

Spencer on Drums and Back up Vocals

Justin up on the speaker. Cha cha cha!

Spencer going crazy on the drums as usual. Awesome!

Justin on Bass and back up vocals.

Bruno on Lead Guitar and Vocals

Spencer's drums are on fire~!
Bruno's glowing. Now all we need is a halo for him and his guitar.

This was at the Stetson Last night. It was an awesome show and of course, they played my favorite song Jagar Baby. In 2 photo's you'll see tracers of the lights. It was pretty cool. It makes Bruno look like he is glowing and Spencer's drums look like they are on green fire!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2009 Memoires


Bruno: Guitar and Vocals
Justin: Bass
Spencer: Percussion

Ok so I'm starting this blog entry late for this year but meh. Let's see. I got my 1993 Grand am SE 2 door for a dollar on new years day. Been taking lots of time off work for my health. Doctor appointments are coming out of my ass as well as the pills have increased. Bah. Now lets start this off with a post today

Feb 24th, 2009
Last Night I went to go see the Battle of the Bands at Calies. (sp) That was awesome. Inner City Elegance (above in picture. Right to left Bruno outside the car, Justin in the Driver seat and Spencer in the Passanger seat) was playing along with Friends of Otis, Silent Panic, Oh Lenor (sp) and more. It was an awesome show. I went with my friend Jenn and her mom came with Ban. I also made cookies for the guys as good luck. They were infused with so much good luck they couldn't lose.
The first band wasn't too terribly bad. The beat was exactly what I've heard before and I wasn't moving at all.
Inner City Elegance was second. Awesome, odviously. My favorite song would be Jagar Baby. Everyone needs a shot of a Jager bomb when this comes on. In the middle of the song it changes into I kissed a girl, then you drink, then finish off Jager baby. It's a high up beat song that gets your head bobbing.
(One of there songs, Can't Always is on my Profile page as an Audio Clip)
The next couple of bands I was actually not paying too much attention. Friends of Otis was up there with Inner City Elegance. Wishing and hoping for ICE ( Inner City Elegance) to win, the tall ass dude that was 7 foot tall announced the results. Silent panic was 3rd, and after a few minute delay it was announced that ICE was second. I shook my head and went BOOO! lol they should have been First. However, with only a 10 Vote difference, Friends of Otis Won. The prize was $1000 cash, and to play at the Canada Day Rockfest on a HUGE ass stage.
Today, I found out from Bruno that they also got invited to play at the Canada Day Rockfest. Now.. I have to bake Cookies, Brownies and a cake. Go me!
I'm very proud of all Participants in this Battle of the Bands. It was an awesome time. Guys, (ICE) I'm proud of you. You guys worked hard to get where you are. You all know that no matter what place you get in a contest, you're still number one to the fans. Jenn, it's exactly as Bruno said. Thanks so much for going to each of their shows, no matter what instrument is missing or broken, what kind of weather, or anything. You are a huge support to the group and never miss a show. Number 1 fan!
I will definatly bring my camera tonight so I can take pictures! It's Go for the Eyes tonight! They are awesome as well and the Drummer for ICE is in that one as well. Go Spencer! I will write a review of Go for the Eyes LIVE and Stetson Tonight when I get home.

GO FOR THE EYES - Stetson Feb 24, 2009 Calgary, AB CANADA

Eric - Bass

Turner - Guitar

Spencer - Percussion

Jaret - Guitar

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Choices Character Profiles

Name: Elizabeth Storm
Nicknames: Eliza, Beth
Age: 19
Hair color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Family: Parents Deceased. Adopted by the Stark family.
Hobbies: Writing. Also is a critic of Movies in a street magazine.
Hidden Talent: Can play a bit of Acoustic Guitar and Sing.

Name: Miyavi
Nicknames: MYV
Birthday: Sept. 14
Age: 24?
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Family: Mother and Father
Hobbies: Guitar
Hidden Talent:

Name: Julia Stark
Nicknames: Julz (Pronounced Jewels)
Hair Color: Brown with Blonde Highlights
Eye Color:Green
Family: Mother, Father and Sister
Hidden Talent: Can play the Bass Guitar.

Name: Darien Black
Nicknames: Blackie, DD
Age: 19
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Family:Mother, Father, 3 siblings. 2 Older and 1 younger
Hobbies: Guitar and Vocals.
Hidden Talent: Can play the Drums.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Forbidden Love Character Profiles

Name: Riku Umi
Age: 19
Occupation: Plays Piano at
Actor: Horikita Maki
(More to come)

Name: Shin Sora
Age: 19
Occupation: Plays Violin in the Orchestra. Also works at her family store that sells sweets.
Actor: Toda Erika.
(More to come)

Name: Sekai Yuuki
Age: 21
Occupation: Number 2 on the Top 5 Assassin List.
Actor: Oguri Shun
Special Abilities: Unknown
(More to come)

Name: Sageru
Occupation: Number 4 on the Top 5 Assassin List.
Actor: Narimiya Hiroki
Special Abilities: He uses the wire hidden in various places on his body. Speed and Agility have been increased. Fast Healing.

Name: Riki
Occupation: Number 5 on the Top 5 Assassin List.
Actor: Ayumi Hamasaki
Special Abilities: Super Strength. Speed and agility increased. Packs one hell of a punch.
(More to come)

Name: Katsu
Age: 26
Occupation: Number 3 out of the Top 5 assassin list.
Actor: Danson Tang/Tang Ye Zhu (sp)
Special Abilities: Uses the power to manipulate people's thoughts and movements. Flight. Speed and agility Increased. Fast Healing.

Name: Kei
Age: 18
Occupation: Number 1 on the Top 5 Assassin list.
Actor: Jiro Wang
Special Abilities: Has the ability to Transform into any object. Speed and Aglility increased. Also has the ability to use his mind to move objects or manipulate people's thoughts, only stronger than number 3.

Forbidden Love Summary:

This is a story about an assassin, Sekai Yuuki (Oguri Shun) who must go undercover and befriend Riku Umi(Horikita Maki), a famous pianist. He must find all informaton she has on the GS-76 Program within 1 year. The U.S has gained knowledge about the GS-76 program and sends their own assassins after her. Secrets are finally revealed and the past comes back.
Oguri Shun as Sekai Yuuki
Horikita Maki as Riku Umi
Jiro Wang as Kei
Danson Tang as Katsu
Ayumi Hamasaki as Riki
Narimiya Hiroki as Sageru
Chapters Coming Soon!

Interesting fact on this story is that all the Characters names mean something.
Riku Umi - Land Sea
Sekai Yuuki - World Courage
Shin Sora - Sky Spirit
Riki - Strength
Katsu- Energy
Sageru - To Hang

All name meanings were taken from :
A Guide to Reading & Writing Japanese Third Edition by Tuttle Language Library.
The Rough Guide Phrasebook Japanese by Rough Guides.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shinsengumi: Eternal Truth Outlines, Ideas etc

Originally, I had planned this story to be a Rurouni Kenshin Fan fiction. I had planned to create Aiko (Hoshiko at the time) as Kenshin's sister. I got the idea from the OVA where Kenshin is washing his hands then said 'sister.'
It proved to be a little difficult because I wanted Sagara Souzou, Okita Soji, Saitoh Hajime and more in. I decided to scratch the idea when I saw NHK Shinsengumi (Also watching Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi, a korean TV show about the First Kings Four Gods.) and went with that.
Using NHK Shinsengumi as a refrence for timelines and events, I tied in my story to match. The Characters are a go, but the main point of this story.
I decided to take the Shinsengumi and make a battle that would be world known. Taking the Chinese/Japanese etc legend/myth of the Four Gods and It's leader.
Here are some Idea's I had using eclipses and the Four Gods. (Suzaku, Seiryuu, Genbu, Byakko/Red Bird/Blue Dragon/ Turtle snake/White tiger, Is tied into the planetary Eclipses.)

Shinsengumi: Eternal Truth OST
These are the themes for the type of music i am looking for, for the characters etc. I do not own these songs nor did i make them.
From Bloody Monday OST
1- Save the Earth - Four Gods theme
2- Dark Knife - Hoshi Theme
3-Evil & Justice -
4- Justice & Evil -
5- After Bloody Monday -
Fuma no Kojiro OST
6 - South King Theme
7- North King Theme
8-Seiryuu Theme
9-Genbu Theme
10- East King Theme

All eclipse information in this blog was taken from Special Topics In Astrology: Eclipses. Predicting World Events & Personal Transformation. By Celeste Teal.

The lord of an eclipse. The eclipses will be used for each god's power. When it is their eclipse, they are the strongest then. Each God Represents A Certain Planet.
-Main point of Shinsengumi is that the planets surrounding Earth is what -made- the earth. The Sun being the ruler. Aka Taishakuten.

First Fire Sign - Aries
-Planet Mars - offensive power and of a cometitive, adventurous spirit. Aries, and it's ruler Mars, are associated with heat, fire, war, crime, and weaponry etc.
- Mars signafies police, military, heroes, who use sharp tools of instruments etc
-Possibility for The South King Zouchoten

Second Firs Sign - Leo
- Ruled by the sun. It is associated with the internal will and power to create. It brings an accent to royals, leaders, men of power. Possible threats of death or the overthrow of suck leaders. The Sun is vital, strong, powerful, egotistic and commanding. . It rules fold and is of a positive quality.
-Possible Taishakuten or Hoshi.

Third Fire Sign - Sagittarus
- Ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarus express qualities of aspiration and enthusiasm. It accents religion, foreigners, high education etc. Jupiter supports order, peace and prosperity.

The fire signs are action-oriented and inspirationally motivated. Eclipses in fire signs may produce death or imprisonment of great men, movements of armies, lack of rain, excessive heat etc.

Earth Signs

First Earth Sign - Tarus
-Ruled by Venus. Tarus symbolizes fruitfulness, lushness and productivity. It is associated with bankers, builders, resources and reserves, including paper money and coin.
-Venus signafies design-builders, dealers in art or ornamentation, musicians, theaters, festivals etc.