Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2009 Memoires


Bruno: Guitar and Vocals
Justin: Bass
Spencer: Percussion

Ok so I'm starting this blog entry late for this year but meh. Let's see. I got my 1993 Grand am SE 2 door for a dollar on new years day. Been taking lots of time off work for my health. Doctor appointments are coming out of my ass as well as the pills have increased. Bah. Now lets start this off with a post today

Feb 24th, 2009
Last Night I went to go see the Battle of the Bands at Calies. (sp) That was awesome. Inner City Elegance (above in picture. Right to left Bruno outside the car, Justin in the Driver seat and Spencer in the Passanger seat) was playing along with Friends of Otis, Silent Panic, Oh Lenor (sp) and more. It was an awesome show. I went with my friend Jenn and her mom came with Ban. I also made cookies for the guys as good luck. They were infused with so much good luck they couldn't lose.
The first band wasn't too terribly bad. The beat was exactly what I've heard before and I wasn't moving at all.
Inner City Elegance was second. Awesome, odviously. My favorite song would be Jagar Baby. Everyone needs a shot of a Jager bomb when this comes on. In the middle of the song it changes into I kissed a girl, then you drink, then finish off Jager baby. It's a high up beat song that gets your head bobbing.
(One of there songs, Can't Always is on my Profile page as an Audio Clip)
The next couple of bands I was actually not paying too much attention. Friends of Otis was up there with Inner City Elegance. Wishing and hoping for ICE ( Inner City Elegance) to win, the tall ass dude that was 7 foot tall announced the results. Silent panic was 3rd, and after a few minute delay it was announced that ICE was second. I shook my head and went BOOO! lol they should have been First. However, with only a 10 Vote difference, Friends of Otis Won. The prize was $1000 cash, and to play at the Canada Day Rockfest on a HUGE ass stage.
Today, I found out from Bruno that they also got invited to play at the Canada Day Rockfest. Now.. I have to bake Cookies, Brownies and a cake. Go me!
I'm very proud of all Participants in this Battle of the Bands. It was an awesome time. Guys, (ICE) I'm proud of you. You guys worked hard to get where you are. You all know that no matter what place you get in a contest, you're still number one to the fans. Jenn, it's exactly as Bruno said. Thanks so much for going to each of their shows, no matter what instrument is missing or broken, what kind of weather, or anything. You are a huge support to the group and never miss a show. Number 1 fan!
I will definatly bring my camera tonight so I can take pictures! It's Go for the Eyes tonight! They are awesome as well and the Drummer for ICE is in that one as well. Go Spencer! I will write a review of Go for the Eyes LIVE and Stetson Tonight when I get home.

GO FOR THE EYES - Stetson Feb 24, 2009 Calgary, AB CANADA

Eric - Bass

Turner - Guitar

Spencer - Percussion

Jaret - Guitar

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