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Shinsengumi: Eternal Truth Outlines, Ideas etc

Originally, I had planned this story to be a Rurouni Kenshin Fan fiction. I had planned to create Aiko (Hoshiko at the time) as Kenshin's sister. I got the idea from the OVA where Kenshin is washing his hands then said 'sister.'
It proved to be a little difficult because I wanted Sagara Souzou, Okita Soji, Saitoh Hajime and more in. I decided to scratch the idea when I saw NHK Shinsengumi (Also watching Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi, a korean TV show about the First Kings Four Gods.) and went with that.
Using NHK Shinsengumi as a refrence for timelines and events, I tied in my story to match. The Characters are a go, but the main point of this story.
I decided to take the Shinsengumi and make a battle that would be world known. Taking the Chinese/Japanese etc legend/myth of the Four Gods and It's leader.
Here are some Idea's I had using eclipses and the Four Gods. (Suzaku, Seiryuu, Genbu, Byakko/Red Bird/Blue Dragon/ Turtle snake/White tiger, Is tied into the planetary Eclipses.)

Shinsengumi: Eternal Truth OST
These are the themes for the type of music i am looking for, for the characters etc. I do not own these songs nor did i make them.
From Bloody Monday OST
1- Save the Earth - Four Gods theme
2- Dark Knife - Hoshi Theme
3-Evil & Justice -
4- Justice & Evil -
5- After Bloody Monday -
Fuma no Kojiro OST
6 - South King Theme
7- North King Theme
8-Seiryuu Theme
9-Genbu Theme
10- East King Theme

All eclipse information in this blog was taken from Special Topics In Astrology: Eclipses. Predicting World Events & Personal Transformation. By Celeste Teal.

The lord of an eclipse. The eclipses will be used for each god's power. When it is their eclipse, they are the strongest then. Each God Represents A Certain Planet.
-Main point of Shinsengumi is that the planets surrounding Earth is what -made- the earth. The Sun being the ruler. Aka Taishakuten.

First Fire Sign - Aries
-Planet Mars - offensive power and of a cometitive, adventurous spirit. Aries, and it's ruler Mars, are associated with heat, fire, war, crime, and weaponry etc.
- Mars signafies police, military, heroes, who use sharp tools of instruments etc
-Possibility for The South King Zouchoten

Second Firs Sign - Leo
- Ruled by the sun. It is associated with the internal will and power to create. It brings an accent to royals, leaders, men of power. Possible threats of death or the overthrow of suck leaders. The Sun is vital, strong, powerful, egotistic and commanding. . It rules fold and is of a positive quality.
-Possible Taishakuten or Hoshi.

Third Fire Sign - Sagittarus
- Ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarus express qualities of aspiration and enthusiasm. It accents religion, foreigners, high education etc. Jupiter supports order, peace and prosperity.

The fire signs are action-oriented and inspirationally motivated. Eclipses in fire signs may produce death or imprisonment of great men, movements of armies, lack of rain, excessive heat etc.

Earth Signs

First Earth Sign - Tarus
-Ruled by Venus. Tarus symbolizes fruitfulness, lushness and productivity. It is associated with bankers, builders, resources and reserves, including paper money and coin.
-Venus signafies design-builders, dealers in art or ornamentation, musicians, theaters, festivals etc.

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