Thursday, February 19, 2009

Forbidden Love Character Profiles

Name: Riku Umi
Age: 19
Occupation: Plays Piano at
Actor: Horikita Maki
(More to come)

Name: Shin Sora
Age: 19
Occupation: Plays Violin in the Orchestra. Also works at her family store that sells sweets.
Actor: Toda Erika.
(More to come)

Name: Sekai Yuuki
Age: 21
Occupation: Number 2 on the Top 5 Assassin List.
Actor: Oguri Shun
Special Abilities: Unknown
(More to come)

Name: Sageru
Occupation: Number 4 on the Top 5 Assassin List.
Actor: Narimiya Hiroki
Special Abilities: He uses the wire hidden in various places on his body. Speed and Agility have been increased. Fast Healing.

Name: Riki
Occupation: Number 5 on the Top 5 Assassin List.
Actor: Ayumi Hamasaki
Special Abilities: Super Strength. Speed and agility increased. Packs one hell of a punch.
(More to come)

Name: Katsu
Age: 26
Occupation: Number 3 out of the Top 5 assassin list.
Actor: Danson Tang/Tang Ye Zhu (sp)
Special Abilities: Uses the power to manipulate people's thoughts and movements. Flight. Speed and agility Increased. Fast Healing.

Name: Kei
Age: 18
Occupation: Number 1 on the Top 5 Assassin list.
Actor: Jiro Wang
Special Abilities: Has the ability to Transform into any object. Speed and Aglility increased. Also has the ability to use his mind to move objects or manipulate people's thoughts, only stronger than number 3.

Forbidden Love Summary:

This is a story about an assassin, Sekai Yuuki (Oguri Shun) who must go undercover and befriend Riku Umi(Horikita Maki), a famous pianist. He must find all informaton she has on the GS-76 Program within 1 year. The U.S has gained knowledge about the GS-76 program and sends their own assassins after her. Secrets are finally revealed and the past comes back.
Oguri Shun as Sekai Yuuki
Horikita Maki as Riku Umi
Jiro Wang as Kei
Danson Tang as Katsu
Ayumi Hamasaki as Riki
Narimiya Hiroki as Sageru
Chapters Coming Soon!

Interesting fact on this story is that all the Characters names mean something.
Riku Umi - Land Sea
Sekai Yuuki - World Courage
Shin Sora - Sky Spirit
Riki - Strength
Katsu- Energy
Sageru - To Hang

All name meanings were taken from :
A Guide to Reading & Writing Japanese Third Edition by Tuttle Language Library.
The Rough Guide Phrasebook Japanese by Rough Guides.

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