Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Only Once..

A Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Fan Fiction

To every hero story, there is a team that works together to fight off evil. And to every hero story, there is one so powerful, it could decide the fate of the war. A young girl named Yuki has no memories of her past. With skills in martial arts and an odd regenerative capability, she begins searching for the Shinkengers, not expecting her destiny and her past to come back so soon.

Shiba Takeru

Occupation: Shinken Red, Shinkenger Leader, The Lord.
Shiba Takeru, the Samurai of Fire, is the Eighteenth head of the Shiba line and descendant of a line of feudal lords.

Ikenami Ryuunosuke
Occupation: Shinken Blue, Vassal, Kabuki Actor.
Ikenami Ryunnosuke, the Samurai of Water, dreamt of becoming a kabuki actor despite his destiny of being a samurai. He takes his role as the vassal or protector of Takeru very seriously and hero-worships Takeru.

Shiraishi Mako

Occupation: Shinken Pink, Vassal.
Shiraishi Mako, The Shinkenger of Sky, formerly worked at a Kindergarten, she is extremely talented in calligraphy and she fights for her ideals. She already had her Origami, the turtle before being given her Shodo Phone by Takeru.

Tani Chiaki

Occupation: Shinken Green, Vassal.
Tani Chiaki, the Samurai of wood, had no interest of becoming Takeru's vassal (protector) and often clashes with anyone who opposes him. Chiaki abandoned his training early and is thus the weakest of the group, he makes it up with his surprise attack strategies.

Hanaori Kotoha
Occupation: Shinken Yellow, Vassal
Hanaori Kotoha is a sweet and careful girl and the Samuari of Earth. She worked in a Bamboo shop and is skilled in martial arts. She became assigned as Takeru's vassal when her older sister fell ill.

Unemori Genta

Occupation: Shinken Gold, Sushi Maker
Genta Umemori is a childhood friend of Takeru who meddled in his training, much to the dismay of Hikoma.

Occupation: Shinken Spirit
Yuki has no memories of her former life. Skillful in Martial Arts with an odd power of regenerative capabilities.
Yuki is stong in her beliefs, even though she remembers nothing. She has been searching for the Shinkenger's since she transformed into Shinken Spirit when faced with a monster. She defeated it, using her Chakram.

Shinken Spirit's Shiroi Chakram.

All info on ShinkenRed, ShinkenBlue, ShinkenPink, ShinkenGreen, and ShinkenYellow with ShinkenGold and their pictures were taken from Super Sentai. www.supersentai.com

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